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Placentique Skin Care Formula moisturizes your skin all day – period. It is a lightweight formula for healthy skin every day. In fact, no other brand is used by more female dermatologists!* Suitable for all skin types * Placentique matches your skin's needs with its formulas for regular, sensitive, combination/oily, or extra dry skin.


Placentique is a luxurious cream which contains placental protein and natural collagen that provides the skin with oils and moisture so necessary to restore and maintain a smooth, soft and healthy skin. Apply a thin coating to the face, with special emphasis to eye and throat areas where the skin is inclined towards dryness and winkling.


Sunburn – everyone will forget to apply sun block once in a while. When you do get sunburn just apply Placentique Skin Care Formula and you will immediately feel the coolness and healing.


Ruff skin spots – don’t worry. Again just apply Placentique Skin Care Formula and you will at once feel the ruff and dryness disappear. Use Placentique Every Day.


Oh yes! Don’t forget to tell your Family & Friends about Placentique – they will thank You for it.


Beautiful Skin - It's all we do.


Placentique Skin Care