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Younger healthier looking skin with Dermatique's natural beauty skincare. Rejuvenate skin cells with Dermatique skincare.

Why is Dermatique Skincare on the Internet?

Our Dermatique SCF is a unique cosmetic formula unlike any other product because it contains certain ingredients which are absolutely essential for the life or normal, youthful skin. Dermatique is a light, cooling lotion that naturally replenishes moisture, smoothes and softens skin on your face and body. Natural ingredients help clear blemishes and dead skin while softening the surface. Dermatique is used by Health Conscious and Appearance Sensitive Women including Outdoor Enthusiasts and Active Seniors. Soothes and protects skin, eases dryness anywhere on the body. Dermatique is a unique therapeutic skin care formula containing ingredients essential for the life and preservation of healthy skin. Dermatique nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, leaving skin soft, moist, delicate, like the day you were born.


It is ideally useful for women from ages 20-upwards. (The older the individual, the greater the benefit.) On the other hand, the earlier one starts using Dermatique, the greater the prospects of delaying aging skin; so that all users of Dermatique will appear younger than their age. Not only can Dermatique retard the aging process, but it can slowdown the aging process to significant degrees. Thus, Dermatique can do much to beautify and normalize abnormal skin from a variety of causes. Because Dermatique provides some of the necessary building blocks, this one formula has the potential of normalizing skin function in providing normal color, normal texture and normal moisture. Dermatique was specifically designed as an all-in-one skin care formula to meet the cosmetic needs of beauty-conscious and discriminating women.


-         Provides deep, non-oily moisturizing for silky feeling


-         Ideal for use after shower or bath


Here are some facts about the ingredients we use to make Dermatique. First, we use a base of specially purified water. All the ingredients used were chosen for their safety and are of the highest possible grade. These ingredients are so safe one could drink Dermatique without harmful side effects… well, you might get sick. We at AmDerm, Corp insist on this level of safety because we use Dermatique a lot every day ourselves and we believe what you put on your skin goes into your skin and eventually into your body… but again we don’t recommend drinking it we were just joking.

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