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Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Sorensen's Philosophy for Managing Skin Health with a combination of Microdermabrasion and Dermatique SRF.


Revitalizing and renewing aging skin is a quest which interests every patient that comes to our practice. Each patient requires an individual approach to either maintain or improve the quality of his or her skin. On a case-by-case basis it is determined which modality will best meet the needs of each person. CO2 laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion are some of the processes used to accomplish skin rejuvenation. One constant that is used by our practice regardless of the procedure performed is the use of Dermatique SRF. This product is unique and far superior to any product we have come across.


Micro-dermabrasion and the use of Dermatique SRF are a key part of managing the skin health of our patients. The two go hand in hand in our practice. Home care on the part of the patient is key to maintaining healthy and vibrant skin. Our practice philosophy dictates that use of Dermatique is essential when micro-dermabrasion is accomplished. A patient that will benefit from micro-dermabrasion if first put on Dermatique Clarifying Lotion with 10% Glycolic Acid. This product is fabulous for loosening dead skin cells and creating moisture in the skin, which is essential for healing. As a prep for the skin just prior to micro-dermabrasion, Placentique Deep Cleansing Lotion is used. This helps us to start with clean and softened skin making micro-dermabrasion more amenable. After micro-dermabrasion is accomplished, we immediately apply Dermatique SRF. We are concerned about the type of products that we place on the patient’s skin immediately after micro-dermabrasion. We do not want a product that will irritate the skin and compromise the healing process. But what we do want is a product that will nourish the skin layers and promote skin rejuvenation. We also need an agent that will provide enough moisture for the micro-dermabrated patient because moisture is an essential medium for healing agents. Dermatique SRF is wonderful for this and the only thing I trust my patients to use on their skin during this sensitive state. Continued use of Dermatique SRF until the next micro-dermabrasion treatment is required of all our micro-dermabrasion patients.









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