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Skin Care

Acne Treatment

This formula has enjoyed immense success in acne scar reduction.

Scar Treatment

A simple, inexpensive, non-invasive alternative for greatly diminishing disfiguring scars.

Hyper Pigmentation

Clarifying Lotion has shown to be effective in treating Hyper-Pigmentation on the skin.


Many benign orders of the skin may be treated beneficially with Dermatique.


Dermatique Skin Renewal Formula, Dermatique Clarifying Lotion, & Placentique Cleanser.

Wrinkle Treatment

Renewal Formulas are beneficial in treating many benign orders of the skin, including skin wrinkles.


Manage skin health with Microdermabrasion & Dermatique SRF.


Therapeutic skin care formulas containing ingredients essential for preservation of healthy skin.

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